Our future is digital

We are living in a world in which communication is increasingly digital. Our day-to-day activities are being remodelled by digital communications. The way people look for a job, for a hotel or for a car to rent is now already largely digital.

And the way we access news and entertainment is also more and more digital, personalised and interactive. Content is accessed through a multitude of websites and applications: from Facebook to video-on-demand platforms and from Twitter to the websites of our high-quality European newspapers and magazines. Names such as le Monde, Die Zeit, El Pais, The Guardian and the FT are valuable brands, both offline and online.

Both Europe’s public broadcasters, like ARD, BBC and Rai, and the private players are more and more active online. The future is paved with digital opportunities. How to make sure that Europe is on the lead when it comes to embracing those opportunities?

The Commission is already very active in encouraging this process.

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