Social media monetization

What can be discerned is that media companies are beginning to monetize their social media efforts. All but one company (Cumulus) is using their social media platforms to direct their listeners to Web sites designed to promote revenue.

Themost direct revenue stream related to monetization remains advertising; primarily used to drive consumers to Web sites promoting various products and/or services.

The second revenue stream observed is with media content. One avenue is the
promotion of an entertainment or informational product with the hope that the reader/viewer will later access the content through one of its platforms. Closely linked with this effort is an attempt to get the consumer tomake a purchase entertainment, such as amovie, television program, music, book or other print product—by downloading the product online or making a traditional purchase via a retailer or other vendor. Some Web sites,especially those associated with print and newspaper providers, also attempt to encourage readers/viewers to purchase content either through subscription or as a metered model.

The only media company in this analysis that does not yet use social media to direct people to their Web site is radio giant Cumulus. They see locally based advertising as their primary revenue stream. Cumulus does use a form of social media to support a secondary stream, by offing advertising clients informational blogs in support of an inhouse newsletter that is offered on a subscription basis.

Along with the dual revenue approach adopted by most media companies, Disney, Time Warner, and Viacom use social media gaming to both promote entertainment programs and as a revenue source, providing games through downloads, subscriptions, or brick-and-mortar retailers.

Social media sites, blogs, and gaming platforms (where utilized) are used to drive audience traffic to company digital platforms and Web sites. At these locations, consumers are exposed to various forms of advertising
messages, subscription offers, and the opportunity to purchase a product or service.

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