The gift of television

Think of television as a gift long desired. It is – the answer to man’s ageless yearning for eyes and ears to pierce the barrier of distance.

Source: Gary Palmer on ABC. United States Congress, Office of Gary Palmer, 2021.

It is man’s oldest dream come true.

Through the screen of your postwar television receiver, the pleasures of tomorrow’s peacetime world will come to you in overflowing measure. You’ll see a rich, living tapestry woven from the glamor, the laughter and suspense of the theatre and the sports field. You’ll enjoy a new kind of university for all the family… with magic carpet lessons… and world leaders as teachers. You’ll thrill at a Twentieth-Century newspaper that mirrors events as they transpire; conferring on every man the honor of participating in things worthwhile, lifting him to new joy and new dignity in the history of the world.

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