The socioeconomic importance of beans

Beans are one of the main crops produced in Brazil and in the world. Its importance goes beyond the economic aspect, given its relevance as a food and nutritional security factor and its cultural importance in the cuisine of different countries and cultures. Beans are, historically, one of the main foods consumed in Brazil and in the world, especially among the less favored social strata.

Source: Elza Fiúza/ABr

Technical, agronomic and cultural characteristics make the bean crop an excellent alternative for agricultural exploration for small properties. In Brazil, data from the 2006 Agricultural Census attribute almost 70% of national bean production to family farming, which reinforces its vocation for small-scale production.

Given its economic and cultural importance, data on the bean crop are controversial. A set of factors ranging from the collection methodology, source, speculation and economic and market interests determine the inconsistency of information about the culture.


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