How Study Abroad Scholarships Work

Many Brazilians dream of improving a language, learning about new cultures, exploring the world and acquiring new knowledge through an exchange. The biggest obstacle for all of this to become real is the costs. To break this barrier, there are many opportunities to get a scholarship abroad. But you have to try and persist.

Source: View of Stanford University from the Oval.

If you are one of these dreamers and still don’t know where to start, let’s show you now how the scholarship abroad process works.

Government incentive

Several countries have incentive programs for courses abroad offered by the government that receive applications from all over the world. In Brazil, the best known program is Science without Borders, which offers scholarships focused on postgraduate and secondary education.

Due to the economic crisis in Brazil, Science without Borders cut the sandwich graduation in 2017. The program gives preference to public school students. At the moment there are no open registrations, but those interested can follow through the official website.

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