Freshwater fish species

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For those who want to start an aquarium, the freshwater aquarium is the most recommended. Its maintenance is simpler compared to a marine and its little fish are also much easier to care for.


They are the most famous among the varied species of freshwater fish. This little fish can live very well with another friend of the group, besides, it gets along very well at room temperature, between 24 and 27°C.

These pets eat a lot and, for that reason, they need to be very often. Therefore, it is very important to sanitize and treat the container for a whole, at least, every seven days.

Source: Female calico ryukin. Humanfeather, 2021


You’ve probably seen a little silver fish with a red tail. Known as Tetras, they are one of the most recommended if you want to have more than one goldfish in your aquarium.

Although he enjoys group life, he also gets along very well when he’s alone. He’s a little shy at first, but in a shoal, you’ll see him swimming all over the aquarium. It also lives well at room temperature around 26°C.

Source: The photo shows a transgenic fish, a representative of the genus «Gymnocorymbus ternetzi». It is widely used in aquariums and is popular with the American trade mark “Glofish”. With the help of genes coding for fluorescent protein extracted from sea corals or jellyfish, which naturally shine under sunlight and ultraviolet light, genetic engineers received several colours of this fish, giving them loud and bizarre name, e.g.: “electric green”, “galactic purple” “sunburst orange,” “starfire red.” The photo shows an example of the “cosmic blue” color. It is worth to mention that such fish became one of the first legalized transgenic domestic animals. Robert Kamalov, 2021.


Since we were talking about the little fish that like to live in groups, you must have already heard about the fame of the little Betta fish. They are part of a more colorful species, with very elegant tails and fins.

But be warned: male Betta fish do not usually do well when raised with other males, but they can do well with individuals of other species. Betta females, on the other hand, can get along very well with other peers.

When having a fish of this species, it is very important to be aware of its contact with other animals. Its fins draw a lot of attention and in some cases are swallowed by other animals.

Source: Betta splendens, ivabalk
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