How to use Instagram commercially?

Instagram has grown exponentially and, as a result, has directly impacted the results of companies that use it, in the most different fields of activity. Undoubtedly, the power and influence brought about by the use of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube are growing stronger. Therefore, to boost their results, companies must also be present in these media.

In order for this presence to be effective, it is important to pay attention to the language of your personas and the specific features and functionalities available in each channel.
Taking into account that an efficient strategy for the use of social media provides greater visibility to your institution, it is necessary to “look” carefully at each of the networks, trying to understand their particularities and tools, in order to explore them to the full.

Why should my company invest in social media?

According to the 2019 Social Media Trends Report, 96.2% of companies are present on social networks. About 62.6% consider that they have a very important role. In addition, 42.1% of these companies have been using social networks for over 3 years.

In the business sphere, social networks allow and facilitate direct interaction with your potential customers. In this way, through them, institutions are able to humanize the contact and establish a personalized and efficient relationship, facilitating the offer of high-level experiences and becoming “highlighted” in the mind of those who received this contact.

In short, these digital channels should be seen as ways to create and establish good relationships. In addition, they contribute to your Inbound Marketing strategies, thus enhancing your attraction power and working in synergy to optimize the operation of your customer acquisition team.

How to use Instagram

Instagram is currently one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. Understand this scenario through some numbers:

According to data provided by Instagram itself:

• In June 2018, Instagram had more than 1 billion monthly active users;

• As of September 2017, there were approximately 500 million accounts active every day around the world.

• According to the 2019 edition of the Social Media Trends 2019 Survey:

• According to survey participants, Instagram (7.4) is the social network that most impacts their Marketing strategies, followed by Facebook (6.2) and YouTube (6.2);

• Instagram is the second most used social network (with around 89.4% of active users) and continues to grow with each edition of the survey.

Relevant content to attract leads

• In order for the strategy to be effective, it is essential to align it with other tactics, such as sponsored links campaigns, for example. In addition, through Content Marketing, your company can provide relevant materials and disseminate events and information.

• It is always very important to remember that Instagram is based on visual content, so structure your posts in an objective and engaging way.

• Furthermore, by providing relevant content added to the good practices of using this social network, your institution will be able to attract the lead and insert it later in a relationship flow composed of good marketing emails, encouraging you to progress through the Funding Funnel from clients.

Greater visibility for your institution

Through the business profile, your institution will be able to add important contact information. This will significantly facilitate your potential student’s contact with your IE.

Provide information such as:



•Physical address;

• Email addresses.

Also, when you add this data to your institution’s profile, you can create action buttons, such as:

•”How to get;”

• “Call us”;

•”Send an email.”

Greater confidence in the brand

Trust is, without a doubt, one of the most important parts to be worked on by your institution. For this reason, it is important that your IE understands that the more relevant the subject is, the greater the chance to generate engagement and create an atmosphere of trust passed on to users, creating a healthy and natural bond with your interested followers.

With Instagram, it is possible for your institution to share, for example, everyday experiences in a more informal way. This will allow your potential student to develop a more humanized look at your EI, awakening the desire to “build your future with your institution”.

How to use Instagram in business: transform your profile and reach more leads through simple actions

Now how about we take a look at some practical and valuable tips on how to use Instagram in your business and thus build a profile that converts? Come on?


Posts made by your institution should always be well planned. That’s because it’s no use having a commercial profile without strategically thinking about the content that will be made available. So think before you act!

Plan each post in advance. Thus, it will be possible to think about all the details, from the language to the image that will be shown in the post.

For this reason, create a posting schedule. In it, define issues such as language style, captions and hashtags, for example.

Invest in content relevant to your personas

In order for your institution to know exactly what content will be relevant to your audience and the best way to present it on Instagram, it is essential to map your personas, as well as your pain.

Also, when it comes to how to use Instagram in education you should keep in mind that you need to attract your potential to your company’s website. Therefore, these channels must always be aligned.

Want an example? If your company offers a new course, for example, it should be advertised on Instagram. However, it will only serve as a trigger for interested parties to go to your website. There, in turn, there will be more information, the identification of the lead and its path to registration.

ATTENTION: only really relevant content will be able to attract potential customers. This is simple to understand: nobody pays attention to matters that don’t matter, right?

Set the frequency of your posts

Neither too little nor too much, look for balance in your publications. Nobody likes having their feed crammed with information from a particular user. Analyze your profile and your personas and understand what is the ideal frequency of posting, whether stories or posts in the Feed.

Also, pay attention to posting times. In your profile reports, you can find the hours with the greatest engagement. This can be a good reference point to start your strategy.

Bet on the interaction

One of the most satisfying sensations is when a user follows a profile and is followed back. For that reason, don’t be afraid to interact with your audience.

Also, adopt simple practices such as:

• Reply to comments as quickly as possible;

• Create polls;

• Encourage comments;

• Open space for conversations via Direct;

• Share your company’s day-to-day photos.

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