Tropical Fish In Fresh Water Aquarium – 12 Must Know Facts

The tropical fish can reside well in a fresh water aquarium only if you take good care of them.  Here can be some major issue that you would not be able to see on the surface yet they would be there in any case.  So, you must educate yourself in this regard in order to enhance the life and health of your fish.

Gathering the right information on maintenance of your fishes can easily help your tropical fish live longer in that fresh water aquarium.

Here are some key points to remember:

1. Remember that poor quality of water can considerably harm the tropical fish. 

2. In case your aquarium comprises of a large amount of algae, it can result in major damage to the tropical fish.

3. Lack of oxygen is also a matter of concern when it comes to taking care of the tropical fish is a fresh water aquarium.

4. To ensure the heath of your tropical fish in a freshwater aquarium, you must make sure as to the water in there is balanced.

5. Test the fish tank’s water regularly in regards to a proper level of oxygen and salinity in it.

6. The water testing kits are available at all local pet stores.  These are useful to ensure the proper properties of water.  These tests must be conducted atleast once a week.

7. In case you come across any problem in the matching of the properties, you must check on the corrective measures.

8. Feed your fish properly.  There is a large variety of fish food available in the market.

9. While picking the right fish food for your pets, make sure to read the contents and ingredients.  The fish food must comprise of proteins, amino acids, and other essential nutrients.  This would ensure that your fishes are getting a healthy diet, its digestion is functioning properly, and its overall color is maintained.

10. Make sure to read through the instruction manual that you get with the fish food to know the right quantity you have to feed to the fish.

11. Just like humans, the tropical fish could suffer severe ailments if given too much or too less food.

12. Check of the lighting in the aquarium and make sure that it is apt for your fish to live healthy.  In case the aquarium is over exposed to direct sunlight or if the fish tank has a lot of light, the growth of algae in the fish tank catches up lot of pace that can be harmful for your fishes.

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