The Etibra group is specialized in scientific information


Our portfolio consists of 4 websites, which represent our digital assets. Our proposal is to serve as a database of specialized information, in addition to mass producing infographics and other types of resources that promote the processing of information.

Etibra's objective is to cover several scientific topics in order to organize a database for information search and analysis. Therefore, contents are written about natural sciences, social sciences, health sciences, exact sciences and scientific research in general.

Nature etibra specializes in environmental sciences covering the areas of engineering, renewable energies, remote sensing, planetary sciences, water resources, in addition to a wiki page specializing in scientific definitions and catalogues.

The purpose of Edu Etibra is to provide an educational perspective on topics such as history, archeology, biographies, important events. In addition, we cover topics relevant to socioeconomic development such as job offers, scholarships, information about universities and academic life.

This is the Portuguese version including the posts from the other websites mentioned above. It usually contains translations of posts or original content developed in Portuguese.