Growing Menace Threatens Amazon Forests

The rising carbon levels pose the biggest threat for the legendary Amazon forests. Amazon is the biggest rain forest in the world. Just like human beings breathe in oxygen, plants need carbon dioxide. However, right now, the carbon composition is 30 percent more than that actually required. It is accelerating growth and changing the composition of the forest.

A study showed that one part of Amazon forest trees started growing faster and they were also dying quickly. The accelerated growth may not at all be good for the trees. Small trees have several medicinal properties and they bear different fruits. However, most of it depends on the levels of carbon dioxide available. So due to the high ratio of carbon dioxide the smaller trees tend to become larger. They need shade to give fruit and flowers. This indicates that the ecology of the forest is changing and several unique species of trees will be lost in the process. Tropical rain forests have several thousands of unique species and are known for that. Even if one species of tree is missing then even the animals and insects that depend on it will become extinct. It sets off a chain reaction.

High levels of carbon dioxide also increase the episodes of forest fires. Also, the Amazon is facing the problem of deforestation in many categories. Villages that are developing are clearing forests. Several mining activities in the area also require clearing of forests. There are several factors affecting the Amazon rain forest system as of now.

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