Is Fish Oil Good For Health? What’s the Truth?

Don’t be surprised by the question. It is common knowledge now what is fish oil good for, exactly. Cancer prevention, heart disease prevention, better eye sight, better mobility in the joints, brain development – you name it. It seems there is nothing in our body that this oil cannot improve. So what’s the problem?

When you say you know what is fish oil good for, you are assuming that the oil is of high quality and properly refined. But what if it’s not?

There are many companies out there who will pass off a low quality, contaminated oil to you, to make a quick buck. This oil loaded with impurities can lead to severe health problems down the road.

So it’s in your best interest to make a check before buying any oil. Has it been properly refined?

The best technique of doing so is – Molecular Distillation.

In this technique, the oil is heated in a vacuum. This allows the separation of the impurities at a much lower temperature than the boiling point of the oil. This makes sure the oil doesn’t get oxidized – a common problem with most oils in the market.

The next thing to check is the ingredients of the oil. Till recent history, it was thought that the EPA fats in the fish were responsible for the health benefits their oil could give us. Latest research has shown, however, that it’s the DHA fats in it that make fish oil good for our health.

EPA is important too, but less than DHA.

Many fish oil companies still cling to the old belief and continue to produce EPA rich oil, whereas it’s a DHA rich oil that is really needed. Make sure the oil you take has DHA as the main ingredient.

Another reason for this is – our body can internally convert DHA into EPA if the need be, by a simple process. The reverse is not possible though. So, we need to depend on external sources for our body’s DHA requirements.

Now that you know why is fish oil good for us, and how to choose the right one, make sure to do some research and buy a highly pure and DHA rich oil only. This is the single most important thing you can do to ensure a healthy life. For more information about the benefits of this oil, visit my website now.

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