Better Skin From Within: Choosing Nuts and Seeds for Skin Health and Appearance

Protein –

Most people think of protein for muscle building, exercise improvement, or weight loss, but, it’s essential for healthy, younger-looking skin. There are 20 amino acids you need for good health. Your body can make all of them except for 9. These 9 acids you need to consume in the foods you eat, which is where the term ‘complete protein’ comes from. Your body transforms the amino acids into proteins for faster & healthier fingernail growth, hearty hair follicles, and resilient skin. Collagen & elastin are protein-based fibers that give skin its bounce-back elastic quality for a youthful look.

Quinoa (a grain), chia (which has complete protein, like that in meat), peanut butter, hemp seeds, soy (but watch out for plant estrogens), black beans with rice (wild or not) and spirulina are all rich in protein. Of course, meat, eggs & milk have it too. Enough protein will combat bags under the eyes, as well as help balance blood sugar because it is metabolized slowly.

Quinoa and chia in a vegan salad

A varied meal plan with lots of colorful healthy plant foods enriches your health and your skin… but did you notice the one seed that falls into every category for skin-health-related nutrients? Only the chia seed fits near the top of each category. It’s also the only item without a flavor of its own. The value of chia lies in its ability to be added to almost any other food you’re already enjoying without changing the flavor. The tiny, unobtrusive seed can be used at every meal to boost your skin & overall health.

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